This project was commenced in September 2001 by Lucy Neame in South Australia and Laura Neame in Canada, with the valuable assistance and co-operation of Michelle Desmond in New Zealand, and many others.

Very little is known of Thomas Neame who suddenly appeared in Kent circa 1400, and whose descendants are entered and listed in the 1959 Book of Landed Gentry. The family were very well known and respected in Birchington, Thanet, Canterbury, Goodnestone, Woodnesborough, and other surrounding areas and townships of Kent. Today, there are descendants of this family still living and farming in Kent, and the Neame's can be found as far afield as Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, America, India, and of course Great Britain. As ALL Neame's are related, the purpose of this site is to collate the history of the NEAME family via submissions of family data, interesting stories and photographs, and to provide a forum for exchange of information.

"We are who we are today, because of all that has gone before".

Research Pages:

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Lieutenant General Sir Philip Neame VC, KBE, CB, DSO, KStJ - His page on Wikipeadia

Editor: Martin Neame

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We are very grateful to Alan Neame (family historian and founding member of the Kent Genealogical Society) who for thirty years researched into our family history. He was ably assisted by the significant collaboration of Joyce Gibson nee Neame. It is really thanks to Alan that any of us are aware of the others' existence. Alan travelled the world meeting people and recording their data for the benefit of all of us.