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I and the small team of researchers have put many hours of our own free time into this project. We do so because we believe that this information should be freely available to our extended family and because we have a genuine passion for accumulating and sharing knowledge about our family roots.

Sadly, this associative approach is not shared by all and after the last hacker attack I have decided to ask for help in sharing the cost of running the site.

There are many costs (including damage done by hackers) that up to now I have covered. All I ask is that if you have enjoyed our site, please consider a donation in order to ensure that it continues to be free for all to use.

If you do decide to donate, I can offer the following:

1 An email address - name.secondname@neamefamily.com (forwarded to your existing email)

2 An email address - name.secondname@neame.me.uk (forwarded to your existing email)

3 Your name listed as a donor (or sponsor), if you request it.

4 The undying gratitude of the Editor and Researchers.

If you have read thus far and still wish to donate, please send your donation via PayPal to martin.neame@mna.co.uk and let me know by email. Please specify if you wish me to set you up an email as per above or some other variation.

Many thanks

Martin Neame


Schedule of Donors:


Anne Harvey May 06
Tony Bing March 10

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Editor: Martin Neame

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